Perth TV Antenna & Home Theatre

Antenna Services fr$99

For antenna installation in and around Perth and mandurah; several factors will influence the type of TV antenna your house needs. FroD48C3m interference from trees, and hills; to distance from the local transmitter (or repeater). It also can depend on how many TV points you are planning to connect up. We have fully stocked vehicles with a great selection of antennas, amps and poles – guarenteed to find a solution to all your reception problems.

We use a wide range of high definition (HD) ready digital antennas  and all of our antennas are manufactured in Australia and supplied by Australian companies.  Our products are Australian rated, made for our conditions, and come with a 5 year warranty and my personal guarantee. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND OR USE CHEAP IMPORTED ANTENNAS!! They will waste your time & money and break under our strong weather conditions & baking hot sun. For long-term Digital TV reception – Aussie made is the only way to go.

Here at Tony’s Tradies we have many years of experience. We have all the latest equipment needed for digital TV testing, the health & safety training and the correct insurance to safely get on and off your roof. Chat to me online now for a quote or some free local TV reception advice.


Home Theatre Services fr$99

Want to get the best from your viewing experience?

Want to upgrade to digital but dont know what is what? We can help install and setup your home theatre audio visual equipment from new out-of-the box flat screen tvs for grandma; to professional multimedia cinema rooms using the latest hdmi cables, optical fibre connections, hidden surround sound cabling etc…

We can make it all work as it should with hidden cables, everything discreet and programmed simply for you to understand.