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Perth Old House Rewiring And Upgrades Services fr$99

The average post war home in Perth was wired with a 6mm incoming consumer mains cable. This is totally inadequate for today’s modern electrical appliances. The new standard for the average home is 16mm.

process to replace the consumer mains in most cases is quite simple and need not be expensive. It is a worthwhile investment to prevent the risk of fire if the existing mains cable is overloaded.

In most circumstances the upgrade of the consumer mains wiring is accompanied by an upgrade of your existing switchboard. Many older homes are still fitted with 50 year old porcelain fuses which have now become outdated and should be replaced with new miniature circuit breakers. Not only do these offer superior protection to your home but should they trip due to an overload they are easily reset by flicking a switch. A safety switch will also be installed during the upgrade to protect life. Safety switches are proven to save lives and are mandatory when any new electrical work is done in your home or business.

If you are upgrading any of your kitchen appliances such as a stove, cooktop, oven or perhaps installing a new air conditioner – Tony’s Tradies can advise you if your existing wiring is adequate. If not we will give you a competitive price to upgrade your wiring, upgrade the switchboard and install any new appliances.

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